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Cover Image Business Processes for Business Communities: Modeling Languages, Methods, Tools
by Frank Schönthaler, Gottfried Vossen, Andreas Oberweis, Thomas Karle

Year: 2012
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-3-642-24790-3
Pages: 189
Price: ca. 43,00 €
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After a brief introduction to the topic of business process modeling, the book offers a quick-start into model-based business process engineering. After that, the foundations of the modeling languages used are conveyed. Meaningful examples are in the foreground - each of the underlying formalisms is treated only as far as needed. Next the Horus Method is described in detail. The book defines a sequence of activities which finally leads to the creation of a complete business process model. The Horus Method, incidentally, is not bound to the use of the Horus software tools. It can be used with other tools or, if necessary, be used even without tool support. Important application fields of business process engineering are described, where the spectrum ranges from business process reengineering to the development and implementation of information systems. The book concludes with an outlook on the future of business process engineering and highlights current research activities in the area.

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